As a teenager, Nick asked himself three big questions that would help shape not only his life but also his career.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What's the nature of reality?

Not long after, he met his mentor who would also become his life-long dear friend who inspired Nick to complete his post graduate degree in applied psychology at The University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; his hometown. 

Born to Italian migrants, ‘Terrone’, literally translates to ‘person of the earth’; the heart being the life force that connects our body (of the earth) and our spiritual intuition. During his studies Nick held a voluntary role as a counsellor and group facilitator at a residential drug rehabilitation clinic for teenagers and adults alike. 

To further expand his consciousness and world view, Nick travelled the world for 3 years living in Canada and the United Kingdom, living and working both paid and voluntary roles with individuals faced with mental health issues, homelessness, abuse and criminal histories. During this time, Nick travelled to over 30 countries in 6 continents which helped him more deeply connect with himself and fellow human beings living in extremely diverse cultures.

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Having worked in customer service as a young person, Nick returned to Australia to work in a corporate sales position, which ultimately reached a point of severe unfulfillment. Despite the advice of almost everyone around him, he left his lucrative role and made the heart-based decision to reignite his passion and purpose: to help people break free of their limitations to become more of who they really are. Nick began working as an employment consultant with an Australian Federal Government service provider of employment services to assist job seekers with severe physical and mental health issues while also volunteering with a Sydney based charitable organisation called Cana Communities. After a short time, he became the House Manager at one of Cana’s Inner City crisis accommodation refuges and volunteered his time in this role for over 4 years. 

During this time, with only 6 months left to complete his 2 year internship to become a registered Clinical Psychologist, he discovered the power of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) for himself. His interest in healing via altered states of consciousness immediately peaked, so much so that much to the horror of his family and friends, he gave up what to him was the ego-based goal of becoming a clinical psychologist, in favour of his heart’s calling to pursue a full time career working with the unconscious mind through Hypnosis and NLP. 

After years of helping clients get great results from what could be characterised as very head-based, cognitive and intellectual styles of therapy and coaching, Nick intuitively felt that something was missing for even deeper levels of transformation. The answer was a return to the heart. He became a HeartMath Coach certified by The HeartMath Institute to help people come back to their heart to develop and sustain personal resilience, fine tune their intuitive guidance and experience more fulfilling, meaningful personal relationships – especially the one that matters the most, the relationship you have with yourself.

Alongside his clinical practice Nick’s interest in deepening his own self-awareness continued through books, studying thought leaders, attending workshops and seminars, meditation and direct experience with the immensely powerful world of medicinal plants. This led to a profound desire to expose the truth about one plant in particular, the Cannabis plant. Nick is a passionate advocate for the legalisation of cannabis across the entire country, not just in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) – the home of our nation’s politicians. He has a particular interest in the healing potential of mind-body-spirit through the use of medicinal cannabis and CBD hemp oil. 

Recently, Nick has synthesised his clinical experience with his interest in altered states of consciousness, the science of our connected universe and his understanding of the intelligent energy of the human heart in his upcoming release of a unique self-hypnosis book like no other; ‘Living with H.A.R.T: Heart-Alpha Resonance-Technique’. 

Nick is passionate about supporting projects, initiatives and foundations that are close to his heart and in alignment with his vision; one being The Human and Hope Association, a locally run registered NGO committed to empowering Cambodians to create a sustainable future for themselves by providing education, vocational training and community support. Another is The Resonance Science Foundation, a non-profit organization chartered to conduct research and education in the field of unified physics and dedicated to exploring the fundamental wheel works of nature to gain a greater understanding of universal dynamics for the betterment of all life and mankind. 

Nick lives in NSW Australia with his loving life partner Aimee and is a father to a special young boy, Orion. He enjoys spending time in nature, playing different types of interests and interviewing inspired souls on his series ‘Sit With Nick – Conversations that Inspire’.

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