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If you're ready for greater self confidence, stealthy self composure, and unstoppable vitality,

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Masterful Mum

Most mom's believe...

<list what most mom’s believe is true (current level of awareness) / an example of current behaviour or scenario that demonstrates the belief of the reader that is in the way of having what the reader wants>

But there's a problem.

They’re being everything to everyone but themselves, which then leads to

And then it gets worse...

They can’t give their partner time because kids drain their energy, leaving them with

And the next thing you know...

Your children have grown up to repeat the same patterns as you, including..

Say Goodbye to Frustrating Parenting

And Hello to the 3 Pillars That Will Effectively Crown you
Masterful Mum

✔️ A lack of energetic strategies and energy management leads to burn out. Applying scientifically validated tactics and strategies  creates more vitality, and extra emotional and mental energy that create more endurance and stamina.

Traditional parenting classes don’t teach the applications of HeartMath™, emotional intelligence, and energy regulation required to create greater self confidence, composure and clarity, which create more playfulness for you and your children.

Mindset and positivity alone will only get you so far. When you master the concepts of HeartMath™ and it’s proven scientific techniques enhanced with coaching, you end up with an unfathomable, wildly satisfying motherhood (with a rocking sex life to boot).



A personal resilience program for Mum's with Nick Terrone
From stress and overwhelm to greater self confidence and composure in 8 weeks or less.

Pillar 1. Knowledge

Learn the root causes of exhaustion and overwhelm so that you can

Pillar 2. Techniques

Receive personal guidance and scientifically backed techniques that help you

Pillar 3. Coaching

Add a stealthy feature to your title with one-on-one coaching and support that sets you up with success so you can

Don't just take our word for it...

Intentionally curated to fully support you.

Watch this video to hear about all of the inclusions and how you can benefit from Masterful Mum

What You Receive

We’re so confident that you’ll experience incredible transformation via this method, that we are including unbeatable additions to make sure your final result is guaranteed. This doesn’t make sense, but we’ll re-write it to emphasise these awesome perks:

Full Day Workshop (Value $800)

A full day immersive workshop where Nick Terrone personally teaches you the technology of HeartMath® for you to use to be resilient and durable for the rest of your life.

4x Integration Sessions ($1200 Value)

Your ticket includes 4x 45 min integration sessions where Nick will personally assist you with integrating outcomes from the workshop in your personal circumstance.

Media Pack (Value $250)

Every ticket holder also receives the Confidence Cultivation media pack, which includes HearthMath™ workbook to keep containing limitless strategies, as well as MP3 synthesis audio's, which assist. you with integrating the tactics from the session.

Surprise Gift (Value $200)

Every ticket holder also receives a surprise gift to assist them with their Confidence Cultivation journey, which you'll receive on the day.

Event Details

Date and time:
12 March 2022. 9AM 

Moore Park Golf Driving Range
Cleveland Street
Moore Park, NSW 2021

Special Notes:
Please arrive 15 minutes before event time. Free parking available on site.


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$ 899



Transcend ‘average’ to unstoppable confidence and experience the limitless technology of HeartMath® in person.

“I did Nick's Personal Resilience Workshop and I now have more energy. I’m more relaxed. Being a single mom of 3 children, I forgot how to take care of me. That has changed me completely, and the dynamics of my family is so much healthier."
Surry Hills, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers to common questions.

No! This is not a meditation workshop. However, the techniques you will learn can be added to meditation. No special pre-existing skills required!

Not only is there parking, but it is included for FREE!

Nothing at all. Everything you need will be provided.

Are you serious? No way! Not only do you get lunch, but tea, coffee, morning and afternoon tea. Its all included!

We generally would recommend the age of 14 to be the minimum. However, there are plenty of mature kids out there. Feel free to contact us for your own unique situtation.

Sure there is. Contact us to find out how that works.